Preventing Violence

Our Purpose

Preventing Violence aspiring to end violence against women and children through primary prevention.

Primary prevention focuses on shifting the culture that permits violence to occur in the first place by identifying and challenging the social norms, practices and structures that drive violence against women.   

Preventing Violence Together works to build the capacity of local communities, state agencies and organisations, government and the private sector to develop, implement and evaluate effective primary prevention activities.

Preventing Violence Together is about fostering the primary prevention sector that is developing in our state by supporting shared approaches, consistent practice and confident professionals undertaking primary prevention of violence against women throughout WA.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world full of families who are unified, happy, loving, productive, and supportive to one another.

What Drives Violence Against Women?

Violence against women is often experienced in combination with other influencing or intersecting forms of systemic discrimination and disadvantage. For women who face multiple and compounding forms of inequality which can result in higher rates of violence, more severe and compounding consequences and barriers to getting help, we also need to focus on drivers of intersecting inequalities.