Sexual Violence

What is Sexual Violence

Sexual violence occurs in every community and affects women, men, gender diverse people and children throughout their lives.

Sexual violence violates the fundamental rights of a human being, their personal integrity, security and safety. Sexual violence is also about power and control.

The effects of sexual assault can last a lifetime, extending out to family members, school and work, communities and down through generations.

Sexual violence is any sexual behaviour or sexual act that is committed against a person’s will. It occurs when a person is forced, coerced, and/or manipulated into unwanted sexual activity or acts. It can include completed or attempted assaults or incidents, and may or may not involve force and threats. It is unwanted and takes place without consent.

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is an umbrella term that includes any sexual behaviours or sexual acts that are committed against a person’s will. Sexual violence can affect people of all genders throughout their lives and can be perpetrated by strangers or people who are known to the victim-survivor. Sexual violence is prevalent and can intersect with other forms of harm.


Sexual Violence services

Specialist sexual assault services provide support for people affected by recent sexual assault, current sexual abuse and past sexual abuse as well as their partners or family members. Sexual assault services provide support to people of all genders aged over 13 years affected by sexual assault. Supports available vary across each service due to capacity and resourcing. Service provisions can include 24/7 crisis response, intervention, counselling, information and resources, group therapy support sessions, referral and advocacy. Sexual assault services place the needs of victims and/or survivors at the centre of their practice.