Women Health

Women’s Community Health

Women’s community health services play an important role in our community and offer a variety of services and health promotion based on the needs of women and girls in their local community. Women’s health services work within the social model of health, the same model we work within at the Centre, and recognise that the social determinates of health are mostly responsible for health inequalities. We recognise that violence against women is a powerful social determinate of women’s health.

Our Role

Our key work is to develop a coordinated planning, policy, research and practice environment that has collective impact on women’s health and wellbeing. We provide a forum for others to work together to achieve appropriate, equitable and accessible health prevention and care for women and girls. Our work is informed by a feminist approach to health promotion and the social determinants of health.

We work alongside women to co-create strategies that will improve practice, policy, planning and system design.  Our goal is to be a voice for women on issues that impact upon women’s health.  And, we work to ensure we have the capacity to respond to the ever-changing health needs of women and girls. 


Our Core Functions

  • Networking and communication
  • Sector support and development
  • Leadership in gender and health
  • Knowledge translation and exchange
  • Policy development and advocacy for reform
  • Expanding the local knowledge base